Find out what the shape of your face reveals about your personality!

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The Rectangle

This shape is known to indicate personality types that tend to overthink. According to the Chinese, this is because people with a face shaped like this tend to have very big foreheads. Foreheads are not just associated with overthinking though, they are also connected to a high level of intelligence and logical thinking. It’s definitely not a bad thing to belong to this facial category!

The Egg

This shape looks a lot like an upside-down egg and is known to indicate stubborn traits. This might also lead to another trait associated with this facial shape: power. This shape is often also called heart-shaped as this obviously sounds a lot nicer. It would be interesting to compare some of the rich and influential global leaders and see if they tend to boast this facial shape.

The Square

Another shape that is indicative of power and authority is the one resembling a square. This is largely due to the hard-working and ambitious nature of people with a square-shaped heart. They also tend to be very competitive according to Chinese wisdom. This shape is typical for people who have advanced far on their respective career ladders so the next time you come across someone you don’t know who has this type of face, you need to be careful, it might be your next boss!

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