Try Out These Kitchen Hacks – All You Need Is A Dishwasher Tab

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Yellow stains on white t-shirts: We all know this problem. Despite our best efforts, our favorite white clothes always seem to get stained after a while. Even though white is generally a great color for clothes a lot of work is needed to keep white clothes in good shape. There is an incredibly easy way to get rid of stains and other discolorations! Simply add a dishwasher tablet to your laundry. The tabs are designed to remove all sorts of residues, which makes them great for stubborn spots that just don’t seem to go away. Just give it a try!

Fryer cleanup: Scrubbing a greasy fryer can be a real annoyance. Have you ever tried filling it with water and dissolving a dishwasher tab in it? All you then have to do is heat it up for around 10 minutes. Make sure not to forget the strainer as well so everything gets cleaned in one go. After the 10 minutes have passed all you need to do is remove the power cable and rinse everything. Your fryer will be as good as new!

More creative kitchen hacks using dishwasher tabs

Grill and grate: Even though BBQs are amazing, cleaning up afterward is not. Especially grills and grates are often incredibly hard to clean. It can take a very long time to scrub all the residue off, so why not try something else instead! This method is easy and doesn’t require much effort. Simply fill a container with water and dissolve a dishwasher tab. Then place the grate in the water and let it soak for a while. After a few hours, your grate will be very easy to clean as all the black residue has been softened up.

Neutralize kitchen odors: Food can smell incredibly delicious when you are hungry. Unfortunately, these smells can easily become quite unpleasant after a while. Especially fried foods are notorious for leaving a greasy smell behind. If you don’t have an air freshener on hand you can try a dishwasher tab instead. All you need is to boil some water in a pot and add a dishwasher tab. Then simmer at low temperature. You will instantly notice the fresh scent in your kitchen and its surroundings. This is a great and incredibly easy way to remove the lingering smell of food.

Limescale, coffee, and tea stains: Limescale buildup affects every appliance that regularly gets in contact with water. Even though it can be quite challenging to remove limescale by regular means, all you have to do is dissolve a dishwasher tab in water and place your dirty mugs and teapots in this cleaning solution overnight. The best thing about this method is that there is no need to scrub or use harsh chemicals, your regular dishwasher tabs will do the trick!

Burnt kitchenware: Everyone that regularly cooks will know this problem, burned kitchenware. After all, everyone sometimes forgets a pot or a pan on the stove. Even though it’s totally normal for this to happen it is still a major annoyance. Burnt food can be incredibly hard to remove from cooking utensils. But there is usually no need to scrub too much if you have a dishwasher tab in your house. Simply place a tablet and some water in a burnt piece of kitchenware and put it on the stove. After simmering for a while you will most likely be able to easily remove the black residues. Simple and easy!

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