The Ingenious Meaning Behind Red Balls On Power Lines – And How They’ve Saved Countless Lives

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Maybe you’ve heard, however, that a hanging shoe addresses where individuals paddle drugs. All things considered, Chicago local people have disproved this idea. What’s more, there are the tales of individuals whose companions tricked them or threw their shoes as recompense for a lost bet. There’s no single explanation why shoes still end up over the cables.

Shoes = Codes?

In any case, while tennis shoes aren’t added to electrical links by city authorities, there are a couple of trinkets that do get the authority blessing. Also, dissimilar to hanging sneakers, such state-supported things have an unmistakable reason and which means for the people who realize how to decipher them.


Maybe you’ve looked at a transformer and the high-voltage lines that stick from it – just to see some plate like articles around the electric links. Despite their shading, these are presumably protectors to keep the live wires from contacting whatever might cause an electrical shock and might cause severe electrical burns.

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