The Ingenious Meaning Behind Red Balls On Power Lines – And How They’ve Saved Countless Lives

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However, we don’t simply spot birds on electrical cables. Some of the time – particularly in urban communities – we notice old shoes hanging up there, as well. Some individuals tie the bands of two tennis shoes together then dispatch them up toward the lines sometimes just for the fun of it. Also, a decent toss will generally snare the shoelaces over the wire, passing on them hanging so that everybody in the area might see. Frequently you’ll count many sets hanging up together on only one segment, especially in a packed community in suburban areas. This peculiarity looks pretty cool, sure, yet while gazing toward an electrical cable have you at any point truly halted to ponder just why those kicks are for the most part up there? All things considered, there’s an intriguing justification behind it – a few, indeed.


We likewise have a detail that will stun you. Somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2015, the city of Chicago was approached to take down something like 6,000 sets of shoes from electrical cables, which was absurd and costly. However, it’s anything but an issue selective to the city that is always windy all round. Indeed, you’ll see shoes hanging overhead in places across the globe. Also, it’s a peculiarity with numerous potential clarifications.

Patrick Starr

Some have connected shoes on electrical cables to metropolitan wrongdoing and crime – particularly conflicts identified with groups and gang members. A previous gangster named Patrick Starr affirmed this in 2015. Clearly, he and his amigos would check their domain with overhead footwear. In different urban communities, groups have utilized shoes to flag where adversaries have kicked the bucket or where their own have succumbed to brutality.

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