Why You Should Never Get Rid Of Your Pasta Water

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Before you head to the sink to drain your pasta in a colander, you may want to consider using some other tools instead. These include tongs, a spider, and a pasta fork. This beautiful trio of tools to transport pasta allows you to move the ingredient from the pot and to the skillet without wasting any of the lovely pasta water. All three of these tools are great, but we often find ourselves using two of them more than the other.

Tongs work perfectly for grabbing long and thin pasta like tagliatelle and spaghetti and a spider is better suited for shorter, thicker shapes such as penne and gemelli. Each of these tools is cheap to buy and can be used in preparing lots of other dishes, so there is no excuse for you not to have one in your kitchen.

The pasta fork is not as widely used, but it can be used for both types of pasta shapes. The only issue is it can’t be used for many other dishes so it isn’t as handy to have in the kitchen. When removing pasta, we much prefer the tongs and spider as they can be used for more.

Once you have the best pasta tool at your disposal, then it’s time to make your pasta dish taste amazing. These luxuriously smooth sauces that you’ll prepare will make everyone in a 10-mile radius want to come to yours for dinner every night. It’ll provide you with a dazzling reputation and help you build stronger friendships. Some may even believe you’re Italian yourself. Be prepared for reservations in your kitchen to fill up after someone has one bite.

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