Why You Should Never Get Rid Of Your Pasta Water

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A Food theme: pasta in a boiling water.

People who get rid of their pasta water before adding it to their sauce are making a big mistake. Here’s why:

Saving your pasta water is not only great for our planet and protecting the environment, but it’s also the secret ingredient that can make your sauce taste even better. You know what we’re talking about, that beautiful cloudy water that you leave in the pot once you’ve cooked your pasta to perfection. It’s something you should make the most out of before you even think about pouring it down the drain.

Why is it so great, though? Surely this dirty-looking water can’t add much to my meal? Well, that’s where people are wrong. The excess pasta water is full of salt and starch, and when you add these items to your fat, whether it’s olive oil or bacon, you’re provided with a smooth and tasty sauce that you won’t get any other way. This process is called emulsification.

Incorporating pasta water into your dish is what separates you from true and authentic Italian to what your British friend whipped up with a jar of sauce. It’s the change you need to make to your cooking routine. But how can you start doing this? Read the next page to find out the best ways to use your pasta water!

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