Check out these 6 common mistakes people do when cooking rice and instantly improve your cooking!

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These mistakes are very common. Chances are YOU are doing them as well.

There is a reason rice is such a popular food all over the world. It’s tasty, versatile and most of all very filling and easy to prepare. Or should we say, it seems easy to prepare? There are plenty of common mistakes people do when cooking rice. Even if you don’t use questionable products like Minute Rice there is plenty that can go wrong. Thankfully we have made a list of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Let’s find out if you are doing one of these mistakes as well!

6. You’re using the wrong pot

To cook rice the right way you need to be using a heavy-bottomed pot. The reason for that is very simple, a heavy bottom pot does a much better job to divide heat and not only that, because of its heavier weight it also stores heat much better. What happens when you are using a thin bottomed pot is that the area above the flame of your stove will become way too hot while the outsides remain too cold. That way cooking rice becomes needlessly challenging. But cooking rice is not the only reason you should invest in a heavy bottom pot, many dishes will be much easier to make if you use this type of pot!

5. You`re using the wrong amount of water

Ok, this one is definitely the biggest challenge when cooking rice. You will have to use the correct amount of water. If you use too much the rice will become too soft and watery and if you use too little the rice will remain hard even after cooking. The instructions printed on the packaging are unfortunately also often wrong. Just follow our instructions instead: For 170 grams of white rice you should be using exactly 240 millilitres of water. If you are using brown rice this changes a little as you should be using 300 millilitres of water for 170 grams of brown rice.

There are plenty of other common mistakes associated with cooking rice. Check out the next page to see what else you might have been doing wrong!

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