Check Out This Clever And Eco-Conscious Method To Benefit From Used Teabags

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Good Against Vermin

Teabags also serve as a harmless way to keep vermin away from plants. Tea has a repulsive smell to bugs. All you have to do is place the leaves around your plants and you can scare a lot of unwanted insects away.

Boost Your Compost

Teabags speed up the process of decomposition. That’s very handy if you compost kitchen scraps as it is very easy to mix some tea leaves into your compost every now and then.

For ideal results, you can mix the leaves with carbon-rich materials like dry leaves which further speed up the decomposition process.

Watering Made Easy

Teabags equipped with organic filters are great for storing moisture. If you place them at the roots of your plants, they will offer plenty of moisture to the soil. Not only that, placing the teabags near the roots also makes sure that the released nutrients can easily be absorbed by the plant.


Tea leaves are great for germination! They not only offer nutrients, but also help the breakdown of the seed’s husk. This will help you achieve great results when trying to germinate from seeds!

Keep your Garden Growing: One Cup at a Time - The Daily Tea

Not only will your plants grow faster, but they will also have a better chance to survive the crucial first days and weeks of a seed’s development.

Pesky Cats

Cats are very peculiar animals and love to make a mess. They simply do whatever they want. Not just in the house, but also in your flower beds! Similar to insects, cats hate the smell of tea. You can use this to your advantage by placing tea leaves around your plants. This trick also works with used coffee grounds, so you don’t necessarily need tea for this trick. I bet your cat will think twice about munching on some of your favourite plants if it has to deal with unpleasant smells!

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